Tourism Domain Names such as solf for $35 Million
  • 24 Feb, 2020

  • By, Special Days

Tourism Domain Names such as sold for $35 Million

Tourism has never been as popular as it is in the modern age of the internet, with countless ways to promote, explore and find the best possible deals to satisfy your travelling needs. Perhaps not surprisingly, one of the all-time top five most expensive domain names for sale had to do with vacation rentals.

Unlike some other top names on this list of domains, was purchased solely to prevent a different competitor from snatching it up first. It was 2009, and Brian Sharpies, the CEO of HomeAway, managed to sneak in and purchase the domain after he found out that his rival company Expedia was planning to do so. Before the purchase, was already an active site and now represents a marketplace for vacation bookings around the world.

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